Hindu Pre-Wedding, Wedding day, Post-Wedding Photography

As a Hindu wedding photographer, Mango Media Wedding Photographer in Kannur always enjoys capturing all the key moments and details. Hindu wedding usually start with a pre-wedding ceremony called the engagement or Sagai, where the families exchange gifts and blessings. This is followed by a pre-wedding ritual known as the Haldi ceremony, where a paste made of turmeric, sandalwood, and other ingredients is applied to the bride and groom’s bodies to beautify and purify them.

Pre-wedding photography

Pre-wedding photography is a relatively new idea in India, but as couples look to record more particular and intimate moments before their big day, it has grown in popularity recently. Pre-wedding photo sessions can be held at the couple’s hometown or another location of their choice, and they usually take place one to two months before to the wedding. These picture sessions are typically less stressful than the wedding day itself, which enables the photographer to get more spontaneous and genuine shots of the couple. Hindu pre-wedding rituals frequently involve a number of pre-wedding events that span many days and are both religious and social in nature. Photographers have plenty of opportunities to capture lovely moments and traditions in action at these events. In addition, post-wedding photography is growing.

Wedding day photography

One of the most significant days of your life is your wedding day, therefore you want everything to be ideal. Hiring a professional photographer to document every memory of your special day is one approach to achieve this. Hindu weddings are filled with lovely customs that make for gorgeous photographs. There are numerous special moments that you’ll want to save in your memory forever, from the bride and groom’s initial encounter to the pheras (circle walk) around the sacred fire. A skilled photographer will be familiar with all of the Hindu wedding’s customs and will know how to depict them in a way that speaks to you and your spouse. Additionally, they will be able to offer advice on  poses and angles that will help you look your best on your big day. 

Post-wedding photography

In recent years, post-wedding photography has emerged as a trendy trend in wedding photography. This style of photography focuses on the couple in circumstances that are more casual and natural after the ceremony. The couple’s honeymoon is the most popular period for post-wedding photography, although it can also be done weeks or even months before the wedding. Because it enables them to have lovely images shot in a laid-back situation without the stress of the wedding day, many couples opt for post-wedding photography. Make sure to reserve your photographer far in advance if you’re thinking of post-wedding photography so you can be sure they’ll be available on the date you’ve picked.

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